We’ve had a Makeover

13 June 2017

Over the past two years, Belconnen Community Service has been updating and improving its digital communications.  In mid May, 2017, we launched a new web site and logo and corporate colours.  Now, our new logo and corporate colours are making their way from the digital realm into the physical world.

Next time you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by and check it out.


Our new logo

Our new logo doesn’t contain the acronym BCS but includes the full name, Belconnen Community Service in a more legible form.  It’s based around the idea of community connection and diversity.  It features brightly coloured lines that intersect to create many points of contact.

2017 Program and Services Guide

Our 2017 Program and Services Guide was launched on the same day as our new web site.  While we have focused on expanding our digital communication to suit the ways that many people choose to access information today, we also acknowledge the digital divide.  Some people lack the skills and resources to access online information.  Other just like the feel and the experience of the printed page.   You can pick up a copy at Belconnen Community Centre or any of our other service locations

three booklets on a wooden surface

Out with the old and in with the new

It was an exciting day when the installers from Joe’s Signage cam to Belconnen Community Centre to install our new look.  We just love the fresh look that this has given the community centre!

It’s interesting how one thing flows from another.  What began as from need to make our information more accessible for people who use mobile devices is now having effects in the physical world.

Our last logo and branding was developed in 2010.  At the time, we changed the name of our community transport, gallery and theatre programs to include @bcs with all lower case lettering.  As part of our new rebranding, we will move away from these names.  This is because the @ sign is used in twitter handles, in email addresses and for tagging on Facebook.  It also presents grammatical challenges , particularly when used at the start of a sentence where one would usually use a capital letter. Under the new branding we will refer to these venues and services as:  Community Transport, Belconnen Community Gallery, Belconnen Community Theatre, and Belconnen Youth Centre.


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