Volunteers Want to Blitz Your Backyard – 10/10 Project

30 July 2018

Do you find it hard to look after your garden?  Maintaining the outside areas of a house can be a huge challenge.  Not everyone is able to manage lawn mowers and other power tools, and some people don’t have the strength to do regular weeding and pruning.  When a garden becomes overgrown it can seem overwhelming and like an impossible task.  Professional gardening services can be too expensive for some household budgets.  This can lead to stress, safety hazards and other risks.

That’s why Belconnen Community Service (BCS) started the 10/10 Project.

Six years ago, BSC recognised that tackling overgrown gardens is an unmet need in our community.  The concept is simple.  For one day every spring, 10 teams of volunteers tackle 10 gardens in the Belconnen area.  This year BCS is holding the project on 19 October. If you’d like your garden to be considered please download the registration form below.  We prioritise applications which meet the following criteria:

  • occupants are at risk of eviction or homelessness due to the current condition of the garden;
  • overgrown garden present a high fire risk;
  • physical limitations prevent the occupants from maintaining outdoor areas;
  • current conditions prevent the family from using the outside area.

The householders are not the only ones who benefit from the 10/10 project.  The opportunity to spend a day working hard with other volunteers helps bring people together and feel proud of the work they accomplish. 10/10 volunteers come from BCS, Housing ACT Spotless and the community. If you don’t have a garden you would like to register, but would like to help out on the day you can register as a volunteer by downloading the form below.

Registrations will close 28 September.

Register your property for 10/10 2018

Register to be a volunteer for 10/10 2018

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