Testimonials About BCS and the NDIS

2 October 2018

It’s now been several years since the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolled out in the ACT. At Belconnen Community Service, the NDIS has offered a chance to design new programs around the interests of our participants. The following testimonials are from parents of some of our adult participants who live with disability. We’d like to thank them all for sharing their thoughts and experiences and for their kind words.


Our daughter Molly, has experienced incredible service from Belconnen Community Service (BCS). A partnership where NDIS and BCS go hand in hand provides Molly with a wide range of amazing opportunities to progress her rehabilitation for her body, post a brain injury.

Molly accesses a full week of programs that assist her in understanding and improving her life skills: such as cooking, sewing and socialisation. On top of that, Molly has gained greater awareness and confidence in getting her body stronger and working better with: gym, karate and dance. Whilst the option of classes is excellent, it does not compare to the extraordinary sense of belonging Molly feels at BCS through the wonderful management, empathetic and caring teachers and leaders, and the length they will go to, to support young folk with disabilities. Providing a safe and happy place, where they are encouraged to strive their best, challenge themselves in a supportive environment makes BCS an exceptional place for Molly to spend a large part of her week.

We feel very fortunate that staff at BCS understand and maximise the NDIS plan that Molly has secured. With that, we know Molly has a place where she can achieve great things and be happy with her life.

Photo of two girls smiling at the camera with their arms around each other

Molly (left) with her friend Allyscha (right).


Cal has been going to the Belconnen Community Centre for more than 15 years.  During this time he has had a lot of social interaction and great times with his friends and the staff both at the centre and at the numerous outings they attend including dinners and shows.  He has kept healthy with the programs provided such as gym and team games.  Cal has learnt how to use all types of computer equipment and smart phones which has given him a way to keep in touch with his relatives that live in Newcastle and spends many hours using the internet to search things that interest him.

He has done cooking, art and crafts and learnt musical instruments and sung at schools and aged care facilities.  More importantly the staff care about the participants and during the past 12 months they have been a godsend not only to Cal but to our entire family whilst we have been dealing with our dad’s illness and subsequent passing.  We greatly appreciate all they have done by just talking to Cal and listening to him, being there for him and keeping him happy at his activities, not only has this helped Cal get through this time it has helped the whole family.

Photo of a man wearing glasses holding up his artwork

Cal takes part in many activities including art and craft.


BCS has provided the answers for us in providing creative, interesting and engaging activities for our son Ronnie. The atmosphere and environment of BCS reflects the professionalism and dedication of staff and management that we, as parents, appreciate very much. It says a lot about an organisation when they are open to new ideas and always have the clients’ interests at the centre of decision making.

What we found particularly refreshing at BCS is how people in managerial positions are engaging with clients, making time to sit down for a few minutes and getting to know the clients better. The NDIS has brought many challenges for services. BCS has continued to provide quality and reliable activities to their clients through a difficult time of adjustment to a new system.

We are grateful to be part of the BCS family.

Photo of a man and his guide dog

Ronnie and his guide dog Sandy are regulars at the Belconnen Community Centre

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