Team BCS: Just Keep Walking

14 March 2017

Members of the Team BCS employee fitness group have just completed the March For Fitness Sake challenge. The challenge encourages individuals and teams to move (walk, run, ride, or cycle) while raising money for children with disabilities. Team BCS chose to walk, with each team member walking 100km over 10 days. The team walked a cumulative 500km and raised over $700, beating their original goal of $500. All funds raised will support House with No Steps early intervention programs.

Team member Masia, the BCS Intake NDIS Co-ordinator, says:

I just joined Team BCS this year. We do weekend warrior and weekday hustle. Overall, it’s just good for us – we all work long hours, we’re stuck at our desks. It’s great to get out and go for a lunchtime walk together, and I track my steps every day. It’s made a really nice little community, we challenge each other now – like everything else there’s an app for it, so you can see how everybody is doing and “like” or “cheer” each other. I’m a bit competitive, so when I see somebody has passed me for the day I make sure I get moving.

Image of Team BCS Shoes

The fundraising challenge was 100k across ten days so I tried to do ten k a day. I loved doing the fundraiser. Having sponsors really spurred me on – I felt like I really needed to deliver. I rewarded all of my sponsors with a walking themed song nomination: Walking on the Moon, Baby Elephant Walk, Walking on Sunshine, Just Keep Walking, Walking in my Shoes, Walking in Memphis, I Would Walk 500 Miles – it turns out that there really are a lot of walking songs!

Joining Team BCS has been so good for me. My days are always better when I’ve gotten my steps in.  I’ve been parking my car miles away from work, school pick-up, the supermarket – everything! I walk with the dog, I encourage my family to walk with me, and I drag colleagues out at lunchtime. I’ve even been known to do laps of the airport when it’s raining!

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