Steven – Happy to Help

5 September 2018

When Steven retired he knew he wanted to do some volunteering. Looking to combine his desire to give back to the community with something he enjoyed, Steven decided offering driving services would be a great way to help.

I’ve always enjoyed driving. I’ve never found it a chore at all”.

Volunteering ACT was able to direct him to BCS and its Community Transport service, and so for the past nine months Steven has been driving people around Canberra three days a week.

Steven said he enjoys meeting the people he drives around.

“I get a wide range of passengers. From the elderly, the frail and the disabled there’s quite a diverse range of people.

“I often get feedback from the passengers. They say they really appreciate the service and that they don’t know what they would do without it”.

But Steven said the most enjoyment he gets is just helping others.

“Being there and doing the job whether that be putting groceries in the car for someone or helping them get to the doctors or whatever it might be, just helping them, that’s the best part”.

Steven encouraged everyone to help out in any way they can. He said many organisations need volunteers to operate and it’s extremely rewarding for the volunteers themselves.

“The people you’re helping really appreciate it, they need the help and there are really no downsides to volunteering.

“It’s rewarding individually and the benefit you’re giving to the community is great. I think it’s important that people chip in to help out in their community in whatever way they can”.

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