Sponsor Profile – Paddywack Promotional Products

11 July 2018

At BCS, we like to shop local, so when it comes to branded promotional products, we look no further than Paddywack Promotional Products in Fyshwick. Paddywack have been owned and operated in Canberra since 1988. Bill and Pamela Slocum have owned and run the business since 1993.

For us at BCS there’s a real difference between dealing with Paddywack and dealing with a large, multinational company for production of promotional items. A few years back we went with a large provider for a few items that they had quoted a lower price for. We found that the communication was fraught, the goods were delivered months later than promised, and the quality of product was not as high.  Now we go straight to Paddywack and we really enjoy the personalised and reliable service we receive.

This year, we approached Paddywack to be a sponsor for the BCS Friday the 13th Trivial Night that raises funds for our 10/10 Garden Makeover Project.  Bill from Paddywack responded within minutes, offering to sponsor a round of questions and also donate some goods to the silent auction. Thanks Bill and Paddywack – We hope to see you on the night!

photo of tote bag, pens and other items with BCS logo on them

New BCS promotional products from Paddywack

photo of lip balm, lens cloth and other products with BCS logo on them

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