The Youth Employment Pathways Hub offers one-on-one, tailored employment support to young people aged 17-24 years living in or accessing the Belconnen area. 

Young people meet with youth workers to create an Employment Pathways Plan. The plan outlines the young people’s employment goals and the type of support they would like to meet those goals. The plan can include resume building, language, literacy and life skills, as well as training, volunteering and work experience opportunities. 

The Youth Employment Pathways Program includes partnerships with Ginninderry and Canberra Institute of Technology, to provide suitable participants with work experience and vocational training at Certificate II and III levels.

Case Study

Presenting issues

  • A young person contacted the Pathways Hub for assistance with gaining employment
  • The young person had been unemployed and job-seeking for over a year and was discouraged over prospects during the job search.

What we did:

  • Developed a customised support plan related to their employment goals
  • We assisted with revising their resume to be better targeted for the specific jobs they were going for
  • We helped outline employment aspirations and goals
  • Supported to apply for various jobs of interest and assisted with applications


  • This young person received two great job offers in fields of interest
  • They now work between 20-45 hours per week in jobs of their choice


“By the time I came in I was looking for any job in general instead of trying to go for work I would actually enjoy and would suit me. Now I’m a lot more confident about looking for jobs I want. It really did help me cos I’d probably still be looking for work.”


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  • Cost


  • LocationBelconnen Youth Centre
    Corner of Chandler Street and Swanson Court, Belconnen
  • How to register

    Contact the BCS Youth Services team for more information about accessing the Youth Employment Pathways Hub.

  • For more informationPhone: 02 6264 0200
    Email: bcs@bcsact.com.au

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