Mothers’ Voice is a free singing and music group for mothers accompanied by babies and pre-school aged children.

Mothers’ Voice provides a safe, facilitated space for mothers to sing together and to develop musical skills and social connections. While children are welcome to participate in the singing there is no pressure for them to do so. The difference between Mothers’ Voice and other music groups that cater for young children is that the focus is on engaging mothers rather than children.

The songs in the Mothers’ Voice repertoire are a mixture of children’s songs and songs for adults including pop, folk and bluegrass. There are toys and instruments that children can play with.

Mothers’ Voice has been running in the Belconnen Library Community room since 2011. During this time some of the mothers have also learned to play ukulele using resources provided.


“Very relaxed and good for all our emotional well-being”

“This group saves my sanity 🙂 it sets the tone for the rest of the week and is fabulous for the kids”

“My daughter feels very comfortable when we are participating. We go to lot of other activities but she is the most relaxed here. English is not our first language but she is a great listener and she knows already most of the words of a lot of songs”

“I’ve developed as a singer – sing more often to children at home.”

The Little Drummer Boy by Mothers Voice

On December 5, 2016, we visited the Botanic Gardens in Canberra for an excursion. This is our version of The Little Drummer Boy, possibly the cutest carol you will hear this season.

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  • 17 Dec

    Mother's Voice

    Mothers’ Voice is a free singing and music group for mothers accompanied by babies and pre-school aged children.


  • Time

    Mondays 10am-11:30am, excluding public holidays and a short break over the Christmas period

  • Cost


  • LocationGrace Church, Swanson Plaza, Swanson Court, Belconnen23 Swanson Ct, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia
  • How to register

    No need to pre-register, just show up on the day. For more information contact a member of the Family Support team on the details below.

  • For more informationPhone: 02 6278 8140
    Email: groups@bcsact.com.au

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