Bungee is an inclusive resilience building program that promotes emotional wellbeing through the arts. The program supports children and young people (aged 7-18) to participate in activities designed to build resilience, enhance well-being and social and emotional health, and children and young people (aged 5 – 18) to participate in individual counselling. Bungee fosters a supportive environment that encourages participants to socially connect with others as well as develop new and existing artistic skills. Bungee classes operate across the ACT and are facilitated in a small, safe and supportive group setting.

Bungee offers a suite of art-based programs in schools and community settings. The program employs professional artists and support workers who develop a series of interactive, structured workshops that are tailored to the individual skill level, need and interest of the enrolled participants. The programs offer weekly sessions run over eight weeks in both school and community settings. Some programs offered are Drum Beats, Cool Kids, Seasons for Growth and Bungee art.

All programs are free of charge, offered during the school term and are limited to groups of eight. An intake interview with the parents/caregivers is required.

Bungee Activities

Class calendar


  • Time

    9am – 5pm Monday - Friday

  • Cost


  • LocationVarious locations across Canberra
    BCS Head Office
  • How to register

    An intake interview with the parents/caregivers is required prior to enrolment in Bungee activities. For more information and to discuss registration, please contact the Bungee team on the details below.

  • For more informationPhone: 02 6264 0200
    Email: bungee@bcsact.com.au

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