Plucked Exhibition

3 January 2019

The Plucked exhibition is part of the Belconnen Community Gallery’s Springboard Series, which supports the Australian National University’s (ANU) School of Art graduates by providing a selected few with exhibition opportunities. For the artists it’s a chance for their graduation work to be exhibited outside of the Art School environment and find a new public audience.

Belle Palmer and Meredith Pammeter-Legg have both completed their honours degree in Print Media and Drawing. They will be exhibiting their works along with third year graduates, Olivia Klinger, Nathaniel Kempton and Mirka Finch.

And while they might have all graduated from the same department, that doesn’t mean all their work is the same.

Meredith said, “a lot of people come out of the workshop with similar skills, but our work is all so different”.

Meredith’s works, a series of wet media and pigment ink drawings, explore the concept of ‘ordinary and extraordinary’ bodies.

She said her “work is completely different from Belle’s.

“I just wanted to start depicting people not as stylised, classical perfect bodies but as ordinary people, the way people are, while including these augmentations people have.

“It’s just a new way of looking at how we view regular or normal, and how we see extraordinary,”

Belle said she wanted to deconstruct the artistic process and include the audience in the art. Her interactive artwork encourages people to contribute to the artwork through a custom designed bamboo arm.

“Every time the art is exhibited and every time you see it, it’s going to have this different collection of people leaving their own mark within the space,” she said.

“My practice led me to question the barriers that usually come when you see art in a gallery space, and I wanted the people seeing it to question that too”.

Meredith and Belle both agree finishing their Honours has been empowering experience: “You get thrown back onto your own devices, even though you have a lot of support. I think we were encouraged to have confidence in what we wanted to do,” Meredith said.

The pair are excited about their artistic futures. Meredith said she will continue to explore bodies, and Belle has already planned some future exhibitions.

To see Meredith and Belle’s work, alongside Olivia, Nathanial and Chena’s come and check out the Plucked exhibition at the Belconnen Community Gallery from 22 January to 15 February.

Banner Image – Artwork by Olivia Klinger

Photo of two women smiling at camera

Artists Meredith Pammeter-Legg (left) and Belle Palmer (right)

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