Meet Adam

14 June 2019

You may have seen him walking around the Belconnen Community Centre or at least heard his phone ringing. He’s the guy who helps keep the centre running and a lot of our programs too. We spoke to Adam McEvoy to chat about his work here at Belconnen Community Service.

What do you do at BCS?

I’m the program manager for the community centre and community group programs, which includes all of our National Disability Insurance Scheme – NDIS Programs for people with disability or with a mental illness. We also run programs for people over 65 years old, and there are a whole range of social and school based programs in all those areas. And I oversee the running of the Day to Day Living program in Tuggeranong which are all group based support programs or skill development programs. I also manage the day to day running of the community centre, which has a range of facilities such as sports halls, art spaces, a theatre and meeting rooms, etc so I essentially manage the internal and external hire of everything related to the centre which includes growing the participation of all these areas.

I originally started with BCS as the Community Development Manager and managed the LAC Program which was a disability support program. We had a little office in Gungahlin that we shared with a couple of other agencies. After six months I was promoted to manage the centre. This was around the time that the NDIS kicked off so I took over the NDIS, disability and mental health programs. Most of my time has been working in this role.

How long have you been working here?

I’ve been working here for nine years, in December. I started in 2010. Before coming to BCS I worked in various jobs throughout my life. I came to BCS directly from the YMCA. I was the Assistant Manager at the Bush Capital Lodge which was an accommodation service for outside of school hours groups doing Canberra tour programs. I was there for three years and prior to that I worked for Carers Australia as their National Young Carers coordinator. I implemented a government funded program for young carers across the country. In my earlier years I was in the outdoor education area, I managed some school group camp sites in Jindabyne and down the coast, I’ve been in event management with the YMCA, and I set up a youth service in Cooma over a four year period back in the late 90’s.

What have been some highlights throughout those years?

Seeing the growth of the community centre and the programs we run here has been a big highlight. Making sure the centre runs as a successfully run centre, both financially and while maintaining that community focus. I think one of the other highlights has been the transition to the NDIS. It has been a massive amount of work but it has been a real highlight. We’ve doubled, if not tripled the amount of programs we run in this space in a group setting. One of my other highlights is the team of staff I have. They are exceptional people and they are here for all the right reasons and want to grow and build the opportunities that we can provide to the community. These are my highlights.

Any plans for BCS in the future?

A lot of things really. In my area I think we have a lot of opportunities to expand. I would love to see our building become more environmentally friendly with things such as solar panels!

What’s the best part of working here?

I enjoy the opportunities for growth. The opportunity to grow the programs and to work with the community and talk to our participants and consumers to look at new opportunities and ways of doing things that suit them. The people here are a great thing about being at BCS. I think we have a really good culture within the organisation and I think when new people come along they fit in nicely to what we have here. I think that’s what keeps me here. We all have shared values, there are opportunities for people to grow and expand their careers and I think we always take the opportunity to explore all ideas presented to us. There is a “never a dumb question” approach and I think that’s what I like about it, and I think that’s why people should and would love to work or come and participate here at BCS.

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