Live Music Review: Flash Bang! At Belconnen Youth Centre

13 September 2017

Words and images by Aidan Griffith


It was the 7th of September and another band night at the Belconnen Youth Centre band had rolled around. This lineup included The Naked Scientists, The Postmasters, White Phosphorus and band night veterans Flash Anthem as the headliners. The show’s vibe had a much different one than the heavier ‘Breakdowns at Belco’ show that was hosted at the Youth Centre three months ago.

The night kicked off with three piece, post rock band, The Naked Scientists who played an all original, hard-hitting set. Their sound incorporated a hard rock style and the vocals had a powerful Creed vibe to them.

Coming on after were the four piece band, The Postmasters. They brought an indie rock vibe to the mix with the use of two guitars and more mellow sounding jams. The vocals were smooth and high to complement the high pitched guitars. You can listen to their song Crave for free on Facebook and YouTube.

Third on the bill were the five piece young guns called White Phosphorus. The band brought a heavier sound to the mix. They list some of their influences as Tool, Nirvana and Metallica. This heavy, grunge rock style was definitely noticeable in their sound. They even covered a Tool song; their vocalist had great range with the right amount of grit to pull it off.

Finally, the headlinders, Flash Anthem were up. Flash Anthem are no strangers to the Belco Youth Centre band nights, performing at the Mixed Bag in June alongside Whitefall, and opening up the Breakdowns at Belco show which had bands performing such as Starrats and Panic Burst. But now it was their turn to be the stars of the show. The crowd was buzzing to see this three piece band take the stage.  The energy of the boys’ performance was electric with brilliant stage presence. They rocked the centre out with their indie rock style; a mix of original songs and a couple of covers. If you want to listen to Flash Anthem you can find their music on Triple J Unearthed.

As a whole, the Flash Bang show proved Canberra definitely has some talented hard rock and indie performers around the local scene.

young men playing guitars

The Naked Scientists

young man playing drums

The Postmasters

man singing into microphone

White Phosphorus

young men playing guitar and drums

Flash Anthem

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