Local School Children Make Legacy Art

28 September 2018

The Bungee Youth Resilience program has partnered with Ginninderry, Belconnen High School and St Thomas Aquinas Primary School to produce two legacy pieces of mosaic art that are permanently installed in the community space at The Link in Strathnairn.

These projects, titled “Ginninderra Creek” and “Art For Life” were developed separately across two school terms, and drew on inspiration from local Indigenous history and European stories.

Students from Belconnen High School worked on Ginninderra Creek which was launched in December 2017 and tells the story of the creek. The project was followed by an excursion led by Ngunawal Elder, Wally Bell who took the students on a cultural journey exploring the surroundings. This project was part of the Ginninderry arts program, CREATE and used stories from the Local History Study about people’s experiences with the creek.

Art For Life was created by St Thomas Aquinas Primary School students in years 3 and 4. The project began when students visited the Hall School Museum and Heritage Centre to draw inspiration for their artwork. The students learned about the farming heritage of the site, and were able to explore a variety of artifacts from the period. Both pieces can be seen at The Link.

Photo of mosaic art with a plaque that read Ginninderra creekphoto of mosaic art

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