Indigenous Literacy Day in West Belconnen

2 October 2018

Around 100 children and adults attended West Belconnen Child and Family Centre’s annual Indigenous Literacy Day celebration on Thursday 6 September. Indigenous Literacy day celebrates culture, stories, language and literacy.

The event is collaboration between local services to provide a fun and educational experience for the community. Belconnen Community Service (BCS), Libraries ACT, YWCA and Unitingcare Kippax, each presented an activity for the pre-school groups and families who attended.

In keeping with the literacy theme, BCS presented a message stick activity which involved decorating solid cardboard tubes with patterns, designs and colours.  The BCS team provided participants with information about message sticks, including their design and usage over tens of thousands of years.

The young attendees aged 0 – 4 years created some beautiful message sticks and a wonderful mess.  One young man decided that the colourful paint pens looked like a delicious snack, resulting in some impromptu face paint.  All in all everyone had a great, messy, colourful learning time.

Other activities included Indigenous stories, playdough and other tactile experiences, an activity about seasons, the “Wombat Stew” puppet show, reading tents and a dreaming box.  The activities were followed by morning tea including a selection of fruit, crackers, dips and kangaroo and bush tomato meatballs, which were popular among the young and not so young alike.

Overall the day was a great success with attendees hopefully leaving with a greater appreciation of Indigenous literacy and culture.

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