Donate Unwanted Winter Woolies at BCS

27 March 2018

BCS is pleased to announce that the Belconnen Community Centre now has a Take One, Leave One donation bin. This means that local residents are able to contribute their unwanted warm clothes and sleeping bags to an exciting grass roots community project aimed at providing easy access to winter clothes by people experiencing homelessness in Canberra.

Inspired by similar projects overseas, Take One, Leave One is a volunteer initiative started by ANU students Lauren Dreyar and Jenna Allen in 2017.

The first donation bins were located on ANU campus, and members of the community were encouraged to donate their clothes via a successful facebook and newspaper campaign. This year, additional community organisations such as BCS are providing assistance to the project by also hosting donation bins.

Donated items will be collected by Take One, Leave One volunteers over the season, who will also sort through the donations, and mend and wash any items that need a bit of extra love, before the items are taken out to a  ‘take one’ session.

The ‘Take One’ sessions involve setting up clothing racks at existing organisations which assist people experiencing homelessness and challenging life circumstances. Here, people can find an item they like, try it on, and take a new warm item of their choosing in no time at all, with no fuss, and no need to pay.

Take One, Leave One focus is on warm items, such as coats, jumpers, socks, beanies, scarves, rugs and sleeping bags. Unfortunately they are unable to accept cold weather items such as t-shirts, or pants.

Interested readers also have the opportunity to volunteer their time to the Take One, Leave One project.  Volunteers would collect donations from the ‘leave one’ locations, wash items and to attend and set up the ‘take one’ clothing rack. If you would like to volunteer, please send an email to t1l1.wcp@gmail with your availability.

For further information, see Take One, Leave One’s facebook page. 

Take One, Leave One is a volunteer initiative aimed at providing easy access to warm clothing during Canberra’s freezing winter


Take One, Leave One donation bin prototype. Image Credit: Take One, Leave One.




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