Boomerang Bags

13 June 2018

Have you ever found yourself at the shops with a cart full of groceries only to find you have forgotten your bags?

What if you could simply borrow a bag, and not have to buy yet another plastic one from the store?

Boomerang Bags became a global movement, after it was founded in 2013 in Queensland, and works to reduce the use of plastic bags while engaging local communities.

Belconnen Community Service has teamed up with a local Boomerang Bags community to make sustainable alternatives to plastic bags.

The BCS sewing group is busy creating beautiful, re-usable shopping bags, using only recycled material in preparation for Plastic Free July. The bags will be available to anyone who needs them. The idea is to pass them on, and give them to anyone who needs a bag and then watch them boomerang around your local community, reducing plastic bag use.

Boomerang Bags community member Penelope Lilley donated materials and boomerang patches to BCS to help the movement grow in the Belconnen area.

Penelope said “it was exciting to share making Boomerang Bags with the creative sewing groups.”

She said everyone should look for Boomerang Bags this Plastic Free July.

A photo of two women holding re-usable shopping bags

Penelope (left) and Denae (right) showing off their Boomerang Bags

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