Bandanas for a Cause

16 July 2019

The Belconnen Community Service (BCS) Sewing Groups often use their skills to help the wider community. Whether it is creating aprons for BEST Club or Boomerang Bags for Plastic Free July, the group are keen to help in any way they can. And they are at it again; this time creating bandanas for Malkara Specialist School.

The school were considering having custom bandanas made in their school colours to replace the bibs they had been using. When BCS Sewing Program facilitator Denae found out, she was excited to get on board and help.

“I contacted the School and said we would love to make the bandanas,” Denae said.

“I worked with Michelle Fitzgibbon, the business manager to work out the best size and shape for the bandana and created a pattern the school was happy with.

“The bandanas were so well received that some parents would like some for home”.

The positive feedback has led Denae to create more, in a wider selection of colours and patterns, which she will donate to the families.

Other community groups have become interested in joining the project too, but Denae said it is still being discussed.

Michelle said “Malkara Specialist School has been so pleased to work in partnership with BCS on this project. 

“The bandanas are fantastic. They meet our needs and our kids love them.  We also love the social enterprise and opportunities created and met by the BCS team – thank you so much!”

Using the program as a way to give back to the community has been a highlight for Denae and many of the participants.

“We get so many donations in this group we really feel it’s important to give back and donate as well,” Denae said.

“When I asked the sewing group, they were happy to be part of the project”.

Blue Bandanas

Malkara Specialist School donated the material.

Putting buttons on bandanas

The sewing group were happy to be part of the project.

Colourful bandanas

Denae has started to make some at home to donate too.

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