Aleksandra – It’s All About the People

15 February 2018

Aleksandra is Belconnen Community Service’s Administration Coordinator.  She is a newcomer to Belconnen and started working for BCS in April 2017. She comes to us from Eastern Europe via Victoria. For many years she worked at a community arts centre in Melbourne.  This background makes her a perfect fit for Belconnen Community Centre which has always had a strong arts focus and boasts a small art gallery and fully equipped theatre.

Aleks oversees the busy reception area in Belconnen Community Centre. Her favourite part of her job is people.  She says, “People make every job, they make you want to come to work. Lots of our customers wear their heart on their sleeve and it’s always easy to tell when they’re happy.” She describes her role as “Very fluid. I coordinate the reception team, look after customers and provide support to other areas of the organisation. Every day you don’t know what kind of difference you can make but you know that there will be opportunity to make a difference.”

Aleks has already found some places in Canberra that she loves. One of them is the stretch along Lady Denman Drive between the Arboretum and the Zoo.  She says, “It’s like another country where you can see nature and all its changes.” Aleks likes that there is no heavy industry in Canberra. “In Melbourne I used to drive for two hours to find that connection to nature” She also likes walking around Lake Ginninderra, “It seems to undisturbed”

When asked to share a favourite quote for this story, Aleks chose one that was displayed on the office door of the curator in her former workplace: “The earth without art is just eh”.

Reflecting on Belconnen Community Gallery, Aleks says: “I love it! It’s so diverse. It’s populated through the year with different themes, artists, characters and media. If you put all the art from one year in our gallery together, it would be like a Belco Biennale. I come from a town in Europe where we had a Biennale and that’s what our gallery reminds me of.”

Belconnen Community Centre reception is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Next time you come in, say hello to Aleks (above centre) and her great reception team, Gabriela (left) and Maryam (right).

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