Strategic Intent

The Belconnen Community Service Strategic Intent can be viewed or downloaded below.

Our Vision

An inclusive connected community

Our Purpose

Offer flexible services that encourage and support people to participate in their community and enhance their wellbeing

Our Values

Integrity: we act with a high level of transparency, consistency and accountability in all our relationships

Respect: we are considerate and thoughtful towards ourselves and others

Optimism: we are positive, resilient and flexible

Inclusion: we welcome diversity and celebrate difference

Stewardship: we manage our resources wisely

We demonstrate our values by working collaboratively, being accountable, responsive and flexible

Our Goals

Goal: Celebrate and build on 40 years of leadership

  • Lead and influence policy and practice development
  • Develop and maintain strong strategic community, government and business partnerships
  • Advocate within the sector and beyond for the people in our community
  • Advance our commitment to Reconciliation
  • Demonstrate leadership in our relationships and practice
  • Ensure representation at the highest levels on strategic committees

Key Success Measure: A positive reputation within Government, sector partners and our community.

Goal: Foster collaboration to support integrated person centred practice

  • Provide a flexible environment ensuring that any door is the right door for participants accessing BCS services
  • Strive for high quality evidence based practice in all our programs and services
  • We will ensure sufficient resources are available for programs and services to comply with and exceed standards
  • Work creatively with government and community to manage demands and address service gaps
  • Actively engage and participate in inter-agency and sector forums

Key Success Measure: Collaboration is our standard practice and feedback from service recipients, funders and peers report excellence in service delivery.

Goal: Enhance people’s belief in BCS to be a truly great place to work

  • Strive for a high performance culture
  • Build resilience and flexibility within our workforce
  • Embed our values in our professional practice
  • Align our organisational structure to match our activities
  • Invest in our workforce through skills and professional learning and development
  • Grow the BCS culture of safety
  • Increase our volunteer engagement

Key Success Measure: Improved performance against measures of employee engagement.

Goal: Secure and manage our resources to support long term sustainability and community reinvestment

  • Build financial strength and flexibility to support the organisation on now and into the future
  • Invest in information and communication technologies and business processes to improve operational effectiveness
  • Monitor new and existing business areas to ensure they are financially viable
  • Actively seek and explore opportunities to create alliances that result in business efficiencies

Key Success Measure: Positive financial performance.

Goal: Protect the best interests of the organisation through effective and transparent governance

  • Further develop our governance framework to enhance decision making and accountability
  • BCS Constitution, entity structure and systems are effective and fit for purpose
  • Improve and build upon our risk and compliance management systems
  • Enhance our feedback mechanisms

Key Success Measure: A viable, sustainable and agile organisation, with a well-deserved reputation for good governance and excellence in meeting its strategic goals.

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