Executive Team


The BCS Executive Team brings decades of diverse experience, innovative thinking, industry knowledge and a history of delivering quality community services to their work at BCS. Each individual member brings specialised expertise to the team.  They all share a common commitment to furthering a socially inclusive community, strengthening community capacity, sharing knowledge and expertise (both internally and across the sector) and affecting positive change.

The Executive Team, along with BCS employees, share a strong vision for an inclusive, connected community.  This vision is evident in the inspirational work that BCS undertakes within the community on a daily basis.

BCS has a proud history which spans over 40 years. The Executive Team builds on BCS’s history of innovative service delivery, flexibility, accountability, sustainability and promoting equity and respect in all of the work that they do. The future of BCS is strengthened through a solid commitment to our people, participants and the community.

Mandy Green

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Manager – People and Culture

As Executive Manager of People and Culture, Mandy contributes to the development, implementation and oversight of the functions that enable BCS’ people to:

  • contribute to their community in a meaningful way,
  • achieve professional goals,
  • promote wellness and safetywork in a professional, values based environment
  • be remunerated and recognised for their work with BCS

Mandy has held this position since 2008.  She holds qualifications and professional membership as a HR Practitioner.  Mandy as spent over 15 years working in the HR field in senior roles with community organisations and local government.

Mandy chose to work at BCS because of the personal satisfaction she finds by working in a sector that makes a valuable contribution to the community, addresses social justice issues and advocates for change to improve the lives of others.

Mandy regards our people as being BCS’s most important asset.  She looks forward to growth and change within the sector as a result of the many reforms that have commenced and will to continue to evolve.  She is excited by the opportunities for our people to learn and develop their professional skills and goals as new opportunities evolve during these changing times.

Jenelle Tinham

Executive Manager – Programs and Services

The role of the Executive Manager Programs and Services is to oversight the delivery of programs offered by BCS. Currently the main focus of this role is change management as the services respond and change in response to significant government reform.

Jenelle was appointed to this role in 2013 and has worked in human services and the community sector for her entire career.  She has held senior and executive management roles for the past 20 years and has extensive experience in the fields of disability, community aged care, mental health and out-of-home-care services. She has broad experience of working within government as well as non-government organisations and she continues to maintain a passion for her work.

Jenelle says that she chose to work at BCS because it has a great reputation and has the community at its heart, “I know that working with BCS will not only allow me to work with fabulous and committed people but will also allow me to continue to develop services to make our community a better place to live.”

Jenelle looks forward to BCS making the new government reforms work for our participants to help them live better lives.  It’s her mission to see BCS thrive in the new and challenging business of support services. She also looks forward to BCS maintaining its lead in the service sector and keeping its role as an integral part of the ACT community.

Rachael Axford

Executive Manager – Business and Infrastructure

As the Executive Manager of Business and Infrastructure, Rachael’s role is responsible for financial operations and management, budgeting, investments, contract management, administration, ICT and facility management.

Following a stint in the UK where she worked as a bank officer for the Royal Bank of Scotland and later as an analyst for Salomon Brothers, Rachael then moved back to Australia where her roles included with local government and as a senior accountant for KPMG. Rachael also has extensive experience working in the education sector, having spent 12 years as the Business Manager of various private and international schools across Australia (Cairns, Perth and Canberra) and more recently as the CFO for TAFE Directors Australia, the peak body for TAFEs.

Rachael reins from Far North Queensland, having graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Management. She has since fulfilled obligations to become a Certified Practicing Accountant and is currently an associate member of the Tax Institute.

Rachael is excited about being a part of BCS and helping to facilitate the organisation in providing a range of services which all give back to the community.

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