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Youth and Family Case Management

The Youth and Family Case Management Program offers confidential support for young people and families living in Belconnen who are experiencing complex issues that are impacting on their lives. The program works with individuals and families in a person-centred, family and community focused manner. This means that BCS support workers work with people where they are at; in the circumstances they are in without judgement and encourage linkages between the individual and their family and community. Our Support Workers recognise that natural supports (immediate and extended family) as well as supports being based in a person’s immediate environment are key to achieving sustained benefit. Brokerage will be available to support the achievement of case management goals where required.

All BCS Support Workers engage in the following case management practices:

  • promoting and actively participating in ‘case-conferences’ as a central mechanism for planning and decision making
  • having one ‘case’ plan from which all agencies and stakeholders work
  • engaging the individual (and/or their advocate) in the planning an decision making processes;
  • ensuring that the individual’s wishes and interests are expressed in the plan
  • engaging with family members and other significant people as identified by the individual in case planning and decision making
  • processes in places service users are comfortable or already attend;
  • promoting inter-agency collaboration and cooperation across government and non-government organisations
  • exploring creative & innovative approaches
  • following evidence based practices including assertive outreach and home visiting
  • providing individualised tailoring of services to families and their members; Achieving clarity concerning lead and/or legal responsibilities
  • following a strengths-based service model
  • ensuring the participation by children, young people and their families in planning and decision making
  • setting clear goals and aims with the individual and families
  • ensuring the service is flexible and responsive
  • supporting families to care for their own children
  • ensure the individual retains links to their familiar environment, culture and neighbourhood
  • actively challenge oppression and discrimination, and
  • ensuring decisions regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are culturally congruent.

To discuss eligibility and find out more about Case Management please email or phone Belconnen Community Service on 6264 0200.

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