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Exhibitions and Events

Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court Belconnen


Sherene Suchy - Margaret Timpsson Park for web


Celebrating Art in Belconnen’s Public Spaces

August 30 – September 9, Official opening 5:30pm Wednesday August 31

This photographic collage exhibition captures art in public spaces in Belconnen, West Belconnen, and Straithnairn for the celebration of Belconnen’s 50th Birthday, Belco 50. Belconnen has a hidden collection of art if you know where to look. There’s graffiti, wall mosaics, stainless steel sculpture, wind poles, wall murals, water features, and more.

This exhibition features Sherene Suchy’s unique way of looking at these hidden treasures with hand cut colour photographic collages, which will be displayed as limited edition posters. This exhibition is Sponsored by Belconnen Community Council.


Andrew Carley


A photographic exhibition by Andrew Carley

September 13 – 23, Official Opening 5:30pm Wednesday September 14

This exhibition explores nature and all that it entails. Andrew Carley enjoys taking photographs of trees, lakes, rock formations, and landscapes and experimenting with the colours and textures that they create through the lens. He is particularly interested in documenting the minute by minute light shifts at sunset, and the challenges he faces in capturing them.

Get off De Fence – for Mental Health Week
De fence Image for web

A mixed media exhibition documenting a large scale sculptural collaboration – in celebration of Mental Health Week

September 28-October 14, Official Opening by Minister for the Arts Dr Chris Bourke MLA 5:30pm Wednesday October 5


Get off De Fence is an exhibition documenting the making of De Fence, a large scale timber sculpture that incorporates the voices and visions of a community of artists living with mental illness. De Fence is a visual expression of people’s recovery journey, incorporating their past, present and future.  The exhibition will feature the sculpture itself as well as film footage, photos, tools and visual diaries from the creative process, and other works by BCS mental health art groups.  De Fence is supported by the ACT Government through ArtsACT and produced by Belconnen Community Service.

Childrens Week Media image for web

Children’s Week

An exhibition of works by children from the Belconnen Community Service Children’s Programs

October 18 – 28, Official Opening 6:30pm Wednesday October 26

BCS Children’s programs will celebrate Children’s Week with an exhibition displaying a variety of artwork relating to the theme “children have the right to reliable information from the media”, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – Article 17 which states that a) children have the right to get information that is important to their health and well-being. b) Governments should encourage mass media – radio, television, newspapers and Internet content sources – to provide information that children can understand and to not promote materials that could harm children.  c) Mass media should particularly be encouraged to supply information in languages that minority and indigenous children can understand. d)Children should also have access to children’s books.


Surface Vitriolic image for web

gallery@bcs ‘Piece of Mind’ series presents:

Surface Vitriolic

An abstracted layering of responses to mental health by Selena Smith, Karen Silsby, and Robyn Twiss Fisher

November 1 – 11, Official Opening 5:30pm Wednesday November 2

All three of the artists deal with mental health within in their immediate family on a day to day basis and the layering within their work reflects the good, the sad, the accomplishments and the pure retreatism that art can provide. This exhibition will allow the viewer into the realm of their headspace as they escape into layers of paint using texture, light, colour and surface tension. Beyond the vitriolic surface are many underlying stories: covers, unmasking and re-workings that reflect what is a daily reality in mental health. All are affected yet not all are privileged to be able to ease the responses onto canvas and spread the stories to others. Joy comes from unlocking, accepting and banding together for support. Their art gives them value, a sense of community, and the freedom to truly unleash the feelings within.

Kiss the Joy image for web

gallery@bcs ‘Piece of Mind’ series presents:

Kiss the Joy as it Flies

An exhibition of paintings by Vijaya Sen

November 15 – 25, Official Opening 5:30pm Wednesday November 16

As an artist Vijaya’s intention is to mark, record and interpret these everyday sites, situations and rituals which are often unacknowledged or overlooked. This exhibition celebrates the familiar yet significant moments which shape the everyday experience of suburban life – which nevertheless govern and define our lives. These moments can encompass the natural forms around us, the friends we encounter, the locations we inhabit – whether private domestic space or the shared nature of public space – and of course our engagement with the events and activities around us. They are essentially transient moments yet as the William Blake quote implies it is critical that we recognize, enjoy, and even treasure them. Ultimately they are the moments which define us.


IDay Image

gallery@bcs ‘Piece of Mind’ series presents:

The Art of Art

A mixed media exhibition by participants of the BCS Art Programs

in celebration of International Day for People with a Disability

November 28 – December 9 Official Opening 12:30pm  Tuesday December 6

Creating Art begins with the right attitude, and this group of Artists has the right inclusive and expressive attitude towards their work. We meet every Tuesday morning to talk about Art, swap ideas and interact as a group. This entails sharing ideas, exploring different media, and giving advice with humour, creativity and respect. This process of interaction and creating, is as exciting as the end product; which is all part of the ‘’ART OF ART’’ exhibition.