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Family Foundations

Family Foundations: Supporting positive behaviour with children, parents and educators.

Family Foundations is an early intervention program that offers parenting advice and strategies to families with children aged 0 to 5years.

The program is able to support families ACT wide, through case work and through training opportunities, for both families and Early Childhood Educators. We aim to increase parent’s/caregivers confidence when guiding their child’s behaviour and aim to:

  • Work together with families to better understand their child’s behaviour and development
  • Work together with families to set goals specifically relating to their child’s behaviour
  • In consultation with the family and a range of services where appropriate, create behaviour strategies and plans
  • Recommend parenting advice, strategies and services to families seeking further support in relation to their child’s behaviour and family life routines
  • Deliver parenting programs and training sessions on a variety of behavioural and parenting topics
  • Link families to support services and community networks, for example: Playgroups, social media networking opportunities, resources, additional supports for other interests/issues, behaviour drop-in sessions

For further information or to speak to someone within the Family Foundations team, please contact Belconnen Community Service on 6264 0200. Referrals to the program can be made directly via our Information and Referral Coordinator on 6264 0200.

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