A Nice Friendly Smile

12 April 2017

Daphne has been a volunteer driver with BCS Community Transport since 1999.  She doesn’t want to be paid for helping people; it’s her calling.  She says, “If it wasn’t for us, people wouldn’t get out, and you get very stale if you just stay at home.”

Daphne is well known by reception staff at many medical facilities around town because of her regular visits to take people to their treatment.  Everybody remembers her smile.  She says, “Even when I go down to take people with dementia, they say, ‘oh I’m so glad it’s you, you’ve got such a nice friendly smile.’”

Daphne worked for many years in retail and hospitality.  When an injury prevented her from continuing to work, she turned to volunteering.  She soon realised that she’d found what she needed, “I need people and I need to look after them but I don’t need to be serving them in a shop.”

Daphne has known some of the people that she transports for many years.  She says that, years ago, one of her favourite tasks was to take young people with disabilities out to play basketball.   She barracked for their team and would buy them ice creams on the way home when they won.

Those young people are all adults now.  Daphne recently provided transport for Cal who was one of the basketball players.  They hadn’t seen each other for a while but recognised each other instantly.  She says, “His arms came out and we were hugging.”

Cal still attends BCS social programs.  He was at Belconnen Community Centre when Daphne came in for this interview and photo.  They were so pleased to see each other that we photographed them together.

Most of all, Daphne enjoys the conversations that she has with the people she drives around.

“You get so much joy to know that they trust you and that you’re going to listen.”

For more information about Community Transport, please call 02 6278 8124, email transport@bcsact.com.au or visit the Communty Transport Page

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