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BCS incorporates volunteers in all of our programs and also our policies, procedures and guidelines. At BCS we often refer to volunteers as unpaid employees as we view our volunteers’ contributions, performance development, supervision and work experience as integral to all the work we undertake. We understand that there are some differences between how we support our paid and unpaid employees, but the core elements at BCS are the same and we ensure that that these elements are provided to all of our people such as:

  • A safe workplace
  • A workplace based on the values of dignity and respect
  • Performance development opportunities
  • Supervision
  • Meaningful work
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines to support and guide our work practices
  • And so much more!

At BCS we also encourage our unpaid employees to consider a career path with BCS and this is why our unpaid employees are eligible to apply for our Internal Vacancies. In addition, BCS incorporates the sharing and networking of both paid and unpaid employees in our activities, such as Induction, BCS Training Programs, Celebrations and BCS events to name a few.

BCS also recognises the considerable and unique contribution that volunteers make to BCS participants and the community. Thank you for your gift – you make a difference in the lives of people every day!

Volunteering Opportunities with BCS


To assist people to meet essential appointments such as medical or paramedical, where no suitable alternatives exist. Transport can also be provided for social, recreational and educational activities.

Transport can be provided seven days a week.

Those assisted include frail aged people and people with a disability, their carers, families or other people with an assessed need.

You will need your own ACT registered vehicle, comprehensive insurance on that vehicle, a current drivers licence, safe driving skills, and appropriate people skills.

Mileage reimbursement available.

Shopping Assistance

Assist people who have difficulty to achieve this on their own.

A volunteer may go with a list and shop for someone, or take the person out to shop with assistance. You may require a car to do this.

Friendly visiting

With various people in the community who are isolated, including families, individuals, or frail aged people.

Support for Families

To extend support available for isolated families/individuals who are experiencing stress and vulnerability.

Assistance could include being a friendly visitor with a parent, caring for children, offering information, assisting with practical tasks.

Assistance with Paint and Play groups in various locations in Belconnen.

English Conversation Group

Is an informal weekly group for people for whom English is not their first language.

Assist participants with language skills and familiarisation of services and activities in the community.

No experience in teaching English necessary.

Good listening and communications skills required.

Positive Links

Is a club for men and women of a broad age range, who have experienced a stroke or other life changing medical condition and their carers.

Activities chosen by group members include gentle exercise, guest speakers, outings, and recreational games.

Volunteers assist in a supportive and practical way within the program.


Is a weekly program for frail aged women, men and their carers. The program aims to help reduce isolation.

Activities include craft, lunch, outings, and gentle exercise.

Supporting People with a Disability

Volunteers assist younger adults (under 60 years) on a one-to-one basis, or at programs.

The focus is to work alongside individuals and support their independence and access to skills and community involvement.

Administration Support

Volunteers can assist with articles or ideas for our regular volunteer newsletter.

Volunteers provide support with administration tasks including filing, data and statistical entry, development of flyers and associated tasks.

Other areas of Belconnen Community Service

Volunteers are involved in the areas of the Board of Management, issue-related committees, some childcare centres and other Belconnen Community Service projects.

To become a volunteer with BCS, simply complete the Volunteer Application Form and email it to vols@bcsact.com.au or you can drop it into our office at 26 Chandler Street, Belconnen ACT 2617. For more information you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator on (02) 6264 0200

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