About Us

Belconnen Community Service (BCS) is a regional community service providing services, programs and activities for people in the Belconnen Region. At BCS we are driven by our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles.

BCS provides programs to a wide range of people in Belconnen, both in partnership and as a sole provider. BCS prides itself on professional and high quality service. Employees advocate on behalf of and promote issues affecting marginalised groups in our communities. We are the primary provider of programs and services dedicated to the Belconnen region. BCS enjoys strong relationships with its community, government and other community services which enhance its capacity to realise its vision of a connected, active and strong community.

BCS offers integrated and inclusive services to the community, including those who have diverse backgrounds and abilities and from socially and financially disadvantaged areas.

We offer services across the following streams to support individuals, families and communities:

  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Mental Health
  • Youth Services
  • Family Support
  • Children’s Behaviour Support
  • Child Care
  • Aged Care
  • Disability
  • Transport
  • Supported Playgroups
  • Financial Support
  • Sport and Recreation

BCS also has clearly articulated Practice Principles that express the manner in which the Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles are enacted in day to day operations. Our Practice Principles describe the professional and organisational practices necessary for delivering quality services, focused on maintaining and promoting civil, economic, political and social rights of participants. They also reflect the way that BCS employees interact with one another.